Small Loans

Small Loans Are Changing The World

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Sarah Doe, her husband dead in Liberia’s civil war, fled to Ivory Coast in 1990 with nine children, some cooking ... Continue Reading →

Three C’s of Credit

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Character: means how a person has handled past debt obligations: From credit history and personal background, honesty and ... Continue Reading →
Grameen Children

GBB Loan Guarantees for Grameen Children

Grameen Byabosha Bikash[Grameen Business Promotion] began in March 2001, to promote small enterprise ventures and meet the demand of GB borrowers who wanted to scale up their businesses. ... Continue Reading →
wall street journal

wall street journal

Grameen Bank, Micro-Credit and  the Wall Street Journal   Muhammad Yunus For the past several months I was being forewarned by my friends in the USA that the Wall Street Journal ... Continue Reading →

Microfinance-Credit lending models

Microfinance institutions are using various Credit Lending Models throughout the world. Some of the models are listed below. Associations : This is where the target community forms ... Continue Reading →
What is Microcredit


Summary The present report has been prepared in response to a request contained in General Assembly resolution 52/194 of 18 December 1997. This is the first time the Secretary-General ... Continue Reading →
cycle of poverty

Breaking the vicious cycle of poverty through microcredit

The Grameen Bank is based on the voluntary formation of small groups of five people to provide mutual, morally binding group guarantees in lieu of the collateral required by conventional ... Continue Reading →


There are four broad reasons directly or indirectly responsible for a repayment crisis: deviation from the core principles or essentials of the Grameen Bank Methodology (GBM); operational ... Continue Reading →