Grameen Bank gets retrospective tax break at last

The National Board of Revenue has extended tax exemption benefits to Grameen Bank, clearing the Nobel Prize-winning organisation from the obligation to pay Tk 77.65 crore in tax. The ... Continue Reading →

Microcredit Summit Campaign Establishes Poverty

The Microcredit Summit Campaign Executive Committee recently approved the creation of a Microcredit Summit Poverty Measurement Tool Kit (PMTK). The Campaign Executive Committee ... Continue Reading →

Internship and visit

Can I visit Grameen Bank? Grameen Bank welcomes visitor from all around the world. Please contact the International & Training Program Department to set up your visit: Training ... Continue Reading →
The Grameen Generalised System

Designed to Open New Possibilities

Lessons Learnt Over Quarter of a Century Grameen Bank has come a long way since it began its journey in the village of Jobra in 1976. During this quarter of a century it has faced many ... Continue Reading →

Women’s Empowerment, Microcredit, IT and Poverty

Muhammad Yunus Three years back we surveyed the educational status of Grameen borrowers’ children and we were pleasantly surprised. Not only were all of them in schools, many ... Continue Reading →
Turkish Grameen Microcredit Project

Turkish Grameen Microcredit Project

The Turkish Grameen Microcredit Project (TGMP) has taken off and is now slowly spreading out in Diyarbakir province in eastern Turkey. It is providing financial services to the poorest ... Continue Reading →

Venture Projects

Venture projects are established with private entrepreneurs or organizations outside Grameen family. Grameen CyberNet Limited (GCL) Formed with 51% equity financed by Grameen ... Continue Reading →

Education and Healthcare for the Poor

“Grameen Bank lends money to extremely poor people, particularly women, without collateral, without any legal instrument, without any group guarantee, without joint liability, and ... Continue Reading →

Indonesia – Revival of Grameen

New start-ups training with KUM and MKEJ The new national network of Grameen replications in Indonesia had a large turnout at its second meeting on 14 to 16 May, in Malang, East Java. ... Continue Reading →

Promoting Self Reliance Through Credit

Presidential Trust Fund for Self-Reliance (PTF) supported microfinance program in Tanzania, was established at the initiative of the Government of Tanzania in 1984. It was incorporated ... Continue Reading →