Awards Received by Grameen Bank

Awards Received by Grameen Bank

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); 1 SWITZERLAND : Aga Khan Award For Architecture : 1989 Awarded Aga Khan Award For Architecture, 1989 by Geneva based ... Continue Reading →

Special Report on China

There are many ways of aiding the poor and China has many successful experiences in that area. However, a problem still exists i.e. how to enable tens of thousands of poor agricultural ... Continue Reading →
Grameen Danone

Grameen Danone Foods Launched

The Grameen Group and Groupe Danone entered into a joint venture agreement effective from March 2006, to form a company called Grameen Danone Foods – a social business enterprise ... Continue Reading →

Ten Indicators to Assess Poverty level

Every year GB staff evaluate their work and check whether the socio-economic situation of GB members is improving. GB evaluates poverty level of the borrowers using ten indicators. ... Continue Reading →

Big Bang for a Small Buck

“We’re looking at the free-enterprise system in a completely different way to make it help the poor.” -MUHAMMAD YUNUS Muhammad Yunus is the founder of the Grameen ... Continue Reading →
Credit Delivery System

Credit Delivery System

Grameen Bank Credit Delivary means taking credit to the very poor in their villages by means of the essential elements of the Grameen credit delivery system. Grameen Bank credit delivery ... Continue Reading →

Grameen’s Action Plan 1998-2005

Microcredit : Most Powerful Weapon to Fight Poverty Muhammad Yunus Twenty-two years back when we began our journey, the word “microcredit” did not exist. Today this is a ... Continue Reading →
grameen founder

Letter from Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus Addressed to Grameen Bank Members on his departure from Grameen Bank

Beloved owners and honoured members of Grameen Bank: Thirty-five years ago, I did not know that I would start a bank, and that I would lend to poor people, especially to poor rural ... Continue Reading →
grameen founder

Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus’ Address to Colleagues on his Departure from Grameen Bank

My dear colleagues: For the past five months, we have all been in an extremely difficult situation. The reasons for this are well known to you all. The Supreme Court has given its verdict. ... Continue Reading →
How to Budget Your Money

Learn How to Budget Your Money in Five Easy Steps

Beating debt-and finding financial freedom-can be difficult. Living paycheck-to-paycheck is getting you nowhere, and it can break your spirit too. Everyone around you may be suffering ... Continue Reading →