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Proper Maintenance Prevents Air Conditioning Problems

Proper Maintenance Prevents Air Conditioning Problems

As the temperature rises, your AC has to work even harder to cool your home. And if your air conditioner has not been properly maintained, you could be facing expensive and unexpected ... Continue Reading →
Backup Generator for Your Home

Hurricane Season is Here: Do You Know How to Pick the Right Backup Generator for Your Home?

Hurricane Season is Here: Do You Know How to Pick the Right Backup Generator for Your Home? The 2014 Hurricane season is quickly approaching, and with it an influx of emergency preparation ... Continue Reading →
Green Spring Cleaning

Five Must-Have Products for Green Spring Cleaning

When it comes to green spring cleaning , less is usually more. This not only makes your job easier, but it costs less and is better for the environment, your health, and the health ... Continue Reading →
Going Green at Home

Going Green at Home – Part 2

Experimental Farm The Day’s have also started an experimental “organic” farm and have invited others to share in their experience. The long-term goal is to provide ... Continue Reading →
Hot Tips For Selling Your Home Quickly

Hot Tips For Selling Your Home Quickly

Want to sell your home quickly – well here are 7 great tips for you to do just that. 1. First Impressions Matters Most buyers form a first impression of a house from the instant ... Continue Reading →
Ash Furniture

Why You Need Ash Furniture In Your Home

The Ash tree is a member of the olive tree family which contains approximately 70 species found all over the world. The lumber industry in most cases utilizes white and black ash trees ... Continue Reading →
Landlords Manage

8 Tips To Help UK Landlords Manage Their Empty Properties

An empty property can be problematic in a number of ways and there are a number of things that UK landlords should do if their properties are empty. Here are some tips on how to manage ... Continue Reading →
Savona marble fireplace

Home Improvement Tips: 9 Steps for Better Fireplace Maintenance

When the air gets crisp and cool, nothing beats sitting by a roaring fireplace to warm up. Have you been letting your fireplace maintenance go? It is understandable that a fireplace ... Continue Reading →
Garden Office Room

Improve your Home with a Garden Office Room

The hours you spend commuting could be spent with family. This is why you should create a garden office. When you create the right garden office, then you will be able to keep things ... Continue Reading →
chicken poop

Meet Jamie Tabor Schmidt aka Simone Chickenbone…

If you have Chicken Poop, you are probably, undoubtedly, hooked, and refuse to use anything else on those pretty little lips of yours.  That mystery little tube of “lip junk”, ... Continue Reading →