Venture Projects

Venture projects are established with private entrepreneurs or organizations outside Grameen family.
Grameen CyberNet Limited (GCL)
Formed with 51% equity financed by Grameen Fund, it is one of the pioneer Internet service providers of Bangladesh with around 12,000 registered subscribers. For more information visit or contact at [email protected].
Products/Services : E-mail, Web development & hosting, Networking, Internet training & other related services, Dial-up and Broad band internet connectivity; Brand computers and accessories.
Grameen Bitek Limited <>
A manufacturing company producing various types of electronics products, such as voltage stabilizers etc., based on technology developed by local techno-entrepreneurs. GF formed the company in 1997 with 51% equity. During 2006, Grameen Bitek Ltd entered the elevator market. For more information contact [email protected].
Products/Services : Safety equipment for electrical & electronics products like Volt Guard, voltage stabilizer, UPS/IPS, bio-medical ANTI-SWEAT equipment, elevator etc.
Grameen Software Limited (GSL)
Grameen Software Ltd. (GSL) is a joint venture in collaboration with private entrepreneurs. The company aims to develop software for local and foreign markets. For more information visit or contact at [email protected].
Products/Services : Software solutions, consultancy, data processing, software training, hardware sales etc.
Grameen IT Park Limited <>
The Company is under a new management named data edge Ltd. to provide ISP, data transmission, network and online services to different corporate clients. It has become dealer of Microsoft, Rillo and 3M and succeeded in doing business with Grameenphone. Besides Grameen Fund and Grameen Kalyan, Grameen Telecom has recently invested substantially in Grameen IT Park.
Products/Services : ISP, data transmission, software and hardware from renowned brands etc.
Grameen Star Education Ltd. <>
Established in 2002, the aim of the Company is to impart education on computer and ICT to the poor to eradicate poverty and computer illiteracy. It has franchisees all over the country. Recently, the Company has signed a joint venture agreement with Daffodil Group to form Daffodil Grameen IT Education Ltd.
Products/Services : Computer education and training.
Rafiq Autovan Manufacturing Industries Limited
This is a tri-wheeler manufacturing project using indigenous design of Mr. Rafiqul Islam, a rural auto mechanic,. The vehicle with four–stroke engine has got certificates for road safety, low pollution and eco-friendliness.
Products/Services : Four-stroke tri-wheeler passenger and goods carrier.

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