Do borrowers receive dividends from the bank?

Yes, Grameen borrowers receive dividends.
To free Grameen Bank from tax liabilities, the government imposed a condition which forced Grameen Bank to invest the entire profit in a disaster fund established for this purpose. However, in 2007 the government withdrew this condition. Since then Grameen Bank is happy to be able to pay dividends to its borrowers.

Does Grameen Bank make profits?

Since its inception, Grameen Bank made profits every year, except for the years 1983, 1991 and 1992. For detailed information take a look at the Data & Reports section.

Does Grameen Bank receive money from donors?

In 1995, Grameen Bank decided not to receive any more donor funds. The bank does not need donor money or funds to cover its expenses. Grameen Bank is self-reliant.

How can I get in touch with Grameen Bank?

You can use the email service provided on this website or send an email to [email protected]. If you are interested in the training or internship program, please contact the International & Training Program Department directly: [email protected] if you want to capital gain , you can contact with us .

How does GB fund its operations?

Grameen Bank takes deposits from borrowers and non-borrowers which are sufficient to fund its operations.

How does Grameen Bank decide whom to give a loan?

Grameen Bank gives loans only to the poor. Generally spoken one could say: The less you have, the more you get. Take a look at the 10 Indicators (Link). The fewer indicators the borrower fulfills, the more eligible for a loan she will be.

How is Grameen Bank different from commercial banks?

Grameen Bank is owned by the borrowers and it is based on trust. It does not require any collateral from its borrowers. Since the bank does not wish to take any borrower to the court of law in case of non-repayment, it does not require the borrowers to sign any legal instrument.

Is Grameen Bank a commercial bank?

No, Grameen Bank is not a commercial bank.

What does Grameen Bank do?

Grameen Bank provides financial services to the rural poor of Bangladesh. Those services include loans, saving accounts, pension plans and loan insurance. The overall goal of Grameen Bank is the elimination of poverty.

Where is Grameen Bank located?

The Head Office of Grameen Bank is located in Mirpur-2, Dhaka, Bangladesh. However, the actual banking takes place in thousands of villages in rural Bangladesh. Grameen Bank is present in all regions of the country.

Which are the main achievements of Grameen Bank?

Grameen Bank has today over 7.5 million borrowers. 65 percent of them managed to clearly improve their socio-economic conditions and lifted themselves out of extreme poverty.

Which awards did Grameen Bank receive?

In 2006, Grameen Bank and Professor Muhammad Yunus were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for their efforts to create economic and social development from below.
Other awards include:
Petersberg Prize 2004 (USA)
Mahadma Ghandi Award 2000 (India)
World Housing Award 1997 (UK)
City Dental College Gold Metal 1996/97 (Bangladesh)
Tun Abdull Razzak Award 1994 (Malaysia)
King Baudouin International Development Award 1993 (Belgium)
Kazi Mahbub Ullah Award 1992 (Bangladesh)
Agakhan Architect Award 1989 (Switzerland)

Which books can I read to learn more about Grameen Bank and micro-credit?

Some suggestions:
Banker to the Poor by Professor Muhammad Yunus
Creating a World Without Poverty by Professor Muhammad Yunus
Small Loans, Big Dreams by Alex Counts
The Price of a Dream by David Bornstein
Participation as a Process by Andreas Fuglesang and Dale Chandler

Who is Muhammad Yunus?

Professor Muhammad Yunus is founder and Managing Director of Grameen Bank. He dedicated himself to alleviate poverty. Since Grameen Bank’s inception in 1976, he founded 25 companies, all of which aim at improving the living situation of the poor. In 2006, he and Grameen Bank received the Nobel Peace Prize for their efforts to create economic and social development from below. Read more about Professor Muhammad Yunus. http://muhammadyunus.org

Who owns Grameen Bank?

At the moment Grameen Bank borrowers own 94% of the Bank. The remaining 6% are owned by the government.

Why does GB focus on women?

Women in Bangladesh are neglected by society. Through the opportunity of self-employment and the access to money, Grameen Bank helps to empower those women. In addition, studies have shown that the overall output of development is greater when loans are given to women instead of men, as women are more likely to use their earnings to improve their living situations and to educate their children.

Why is Grameen Bank successful?

Grameen Bank is successful because of hard work and the dedication of its employees to eradicate poverty.

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