Grameen Shikkha is a company in the family of Grameen companies. Established in 1997, Grameen Shikkha is registered with the office of the Registrar, Joint Stock Companies as well as with the NGO Affairs Bureau. Its main objectives are to promote mass education in rural areas, organize facilities for education and training, provide financial support in the form of loans and grants for the purpose of education, use information technology to bring an end to illiteracy, and development of education, promote new technologies and innovate ideas and methods for development of education, and conduct research and undertake experimentation in the field of education.


In addition, its major thrust is on Scholarship Management. It has raised more than Tk. 85 million (about US $ 1.25 million) to give scholarships to about 1232 poor meritorious students perpetually. For every US $ 1,000 contribution a perpetual scholarship is created. Administration of the scholarship is done by Grameen Shikkha.


Since 1997 Grameen Shikkha has been conducting various education and awareness programs in various districts in Bangladesh. Grameen Shikkha’s current programs  include Pre-schools, Child Development Centers, Early Childhood Development, Parenting, Non-formal Education for Slum Children and Arsenic Mitigation in various districts of Bangladesh

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