How to download APK on your Android Safe way

How to download APK on your Android Safe way

What is an APK?

An APK is a file extension that has been created to contain all the necessary files when you are installing any apps from a source other than the Play Store.

The name APK is derived from its name – Android Package Kit.

This is the method that the Android operating system uses in order to distribute and install mobile applications. 

When an APK is downloaded, you necessarily download an Android application.

They are sometimes the leaked versions of the applications that will be coming to the market in a few days and are sometimes the modified and updated versions of the apps that you will have to buy. Therefore, with the help of APKs, you get the opportunity to experience the newest updates and features that might also be unavailable for you due to many restrictions that might arise.

Best two sources to download APK

The two best places that you should go to when downloading any APK file are the Play Store and the AC market.

The Google Play Store

The Google Play Store is the official app store of Android platform. Therefore, it consists of almost all the applications that you might require and is a safe way to download and install too. The ones that you download from the play store might not necessarily indicate as APKs because they automatically install.

AC Market

On the other hand, the AC market is the world’s most popular store for Android mod applications. Here, you can find almost all of the applications you need in whatever form you wish to get. Say you need a modified app, they got you covered. Whatever it is tweaked, hacked, cracked, or even the original versions – you get them all in the AC store.

It is a user-friendly platform with super-fast downloading speed and comprises a warm community that will answer any of the questions that you have in no time at all.

Therefore, it would be a shame to recommend any other third-party app downloading site, because the AC market is the safest, trustworthy, and the most straightforward solution you will find out there.

Which is better, the AC store or the Google Play Store?

When it comes to the Play Store, you only get the ones that have been released initially, and you will have to wait until any updates are officially released.

On the other hand, you will have to pay for the options that cost money, and, in some games, you will have to stop halfway because the rest would be released only when you purchase some items. Many people already hate ads and other in-app notifications, but when you download an application with the play store, you have no escape from such things.

But when it comes to the AC market, you are entirely free from such burdens. This is the best alternative for the Android Play Store, or you can even call it better. 

In the AC market, you will get apps that are not fundamentally built for the Android operating system but others as well. The modified versions will save your money and will help you escape the advertisements and other burdens.

Despite the best reason being that everything in it comes for free, there are some other features that you will love as well. It is easy to use, and anyone can use it without any hustle because of the manner that it has been created. 

What are the safety measures taken from the play store and AC market to protect their users?

The play store has taken more than enough security measures starting from the development strategy to the contents in the app. It does this to assure that there is no harmful malware in the app and that there will be no harm caused to you because of this app. The Google Play Protect option scans the apps that you are downloading.

The AC market app for android is also a perfectly safe platform that has been used by millions of users. It uses secure servers and makes use of an independent testers’ team to check whether the apps are entirely free of any harmful viruses. The developers also pace it; therefore, the developers cannot implant any critical applications within the system. It does not require any rooting. Therefore, your device will also be safe while you get all the apps that you wish to get.

What kind of settings should I consider if I want to download a third-party app?

When downloading and installing the third-party applications, there are specific settings that you should have to be aware of. These include the security of what you are installing and the permissions that you provide to the app to access the other personal information in your device.

Therefore, before installing any app from any provider, you should be careful to take a note on the following settings:

  • Who are the app providers?
  • What is the original app?
  • What are the comments on the app – provider? What are the feedback that they have received?
  • Can you block the apps? Can you uninstall them?
  • The development criteria that the apps have taken and the requirements it has to function?
  • Does the app, or the app provider, has a history of mobile malware?
  • What type of personal information does it request to access?

These were some of the most basic details that you should consider when installing a third-party application, but you should know that there are many more features that you can find. But you do not have to become a tech-expert because the above questions will provide a more than enough overview of the app and the provider that you are dealing with.

Is it safe to download third-party apps?

The above question is a general question when anyone starts talking about third-party apps and APK downloading. People are very much concerned about the safety of their devices, and it is a good thing. Therefore, you should be worried about whether it is safe to install what you are downloading.


However, the answer to this question would change the route if you were to use any other third-party app providers other than AC Market. But if you are using AC Market (I am pretty sure you do just that), then you are entirely free from any worries because they are entirely safe.

The developers do frequent tests on the functionality of the apps in their platform and make sure that there are no harmful apps or viruses or corrupted apps in their library.

Other third-party app providers might not provide these security features.

Therefore, when you are downloading a third-party app, you should be careful to see whether you are using a hundred percent trustworthy app provider such as the AC market. Well, if you fail to do so, then there is no guarantee that you will like what you get.

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