Internship and visit

Can I visit Grameen Bank?

Grameen Bank

Grameen Bank welcomes visitor from all around the world. Please contact the International & Training Program Department to set up your visit:

Training and International Program
Grameen Bank
Mirpur Two, Dhaka 1216
Fax No: (00)880-2-8013559
Telephone No: (00)880-2-8011425, (00)880-2-9005257-69
Email: [email protected]

Does Grameen Bank offer internships or training?

Grameen Bank offers various training options: the International Dialogue Program, the Exposure Visit, the Basic Training Course, a special program for journalists, the Research Program and the Internship Program. Please visit the Training section of this website to find out more.

How can I apply for an internship or training program at GB?

You can apply by sending your letter of application and your resume to the International & Training Program Department. Your letter of application should indicate your objectives and expectations, your planned period of stay and your expected date of arrival. For an internship application, you will also need to submit a confirmation letter of your university, proofing your student identity.  Paper and email applications are accepted. For more information please visit the training section of this website.

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