Letters from Kosovo

Weekly Statement No. 135/136

The time has come when we will soon be completing our first phase of Grameen replication program in Kosovo. Looking back, one can see how our three-year project starting from the year 2000, was implemented in two phases. The first year from May 2000 to June 2001, was devoted to starting up the program and the opening of two branches in Peje and Prishtina. The second half from July 2001 to May 2003, For opening of two more branches in Prizren and Gjilan, where we also took on two new managers. The problems that we faced then to establish the replication of Grameen bank in Kosovo was very different from what we are facing now.

Letters from Kosovo
It was through Grameen Trust’s help that we made a beginning under very difficult circumstances. However, at this point, the survival of the Project is very much dependant on the smooth continuation of the work that has already gained momentum.

Presently, we are working on increasing the interest rate and gradually trying to hand over the Project to our local colleagues. In Peje branch, the process of handing over has already started, where our local colleague, who was an accountant before, has new become the associate branch manager. Our present branch manager Mr. Abul Hossain will be in charge of the branch in Peje to help the new associate manager. He is doing well and has already started disbursing loans. We are excited and extremely happy to see this transition.

The good news remains that we are constantly getting a positive response from villages that we still haven’t penetrated. People are coming to us from new villages and municipalities for extention of microcredit. Gjilan Branch has started to work in a new municipality this month. Peje, Prishtina and Prizren are a bit slow this month, but all other fieldwork is going well.

However the recent robbery of our collection money in Glogovs under Prishtina Branch still hasn’t been solved and the police haven’t been able to trace or detect those who committed the theft.

Project Director
Kosovo Grameen-Missione Arcobaleno Microcredit Fund (KGMAMF)
Project Office, 154, Marshall Tito Road No. 122, Peje. Kosovo
E-mail: [email protected]
May 12, 2003

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