Monthly Reports 04-2014

Sl. No.ParticularsMillion US$
1.0 Cumulative Amount Disbursed Since Inception15,235.30
2.0 Cumulative Amount Repaid Since Inception13,817.01
3.0 Amount Disbursed this Month152.54
4.0 Amount Repaid this Month144.32
5.0 Outstanding Loan
5.1Basic Loan991.87
5.2Flexible Loan (a)92.24
5.3Housing Loan0.52
5.4Education Loan37.31
5.5Other Loans4.02
5.6Total (b):1,125.96
6.0 Rate of Recovery (c)97.28
7.0 Total Outstanding of Borrowers Missing 5 to 9 Consecutive Instalments (d)
7.1Basic Loan6.43
7.2Flexible Loan14.39
7.3Total :20.82
8.0 Overdue Loan (e)
8.1Basic Loan (f)11.006
8.2Flexible Loan10.562
8.3Housing Loan0.012
8.4Other Loans0.000
8.5Total :21.579
9.0 Microenterprise Loan (Cumulative)
9.1No. of Microenterprise Loans5,677,934
9.2Amount Disbursed2,562.83
9.3Amount Repaid2,261.91
10.0 Balance of Deposits
10.1Members’ Deposit1,194.37
10.2Non-Members’ Deposit719.76
10.3Total :1,914.13
11.0 Deposits to Outstanding
11.1Deposits as Percentage of Outstanding Loans170
11.2Deposits and Own Resources as Percentage of Outstanding Loans189
11.3No. of Branches with more in Deposits than in Outstanding Loans2,068
12.0 Beggar Members
12.1No. of Beggar Members80,140
12.2Amount Disbursed (Cumulative)2.54
12.3Amount Repaid (Cumulative)2.08
12.4Amount of Savings (Balance)0.12
13.0 Cumulative Number of Village Phones1339,946
14.0 Cumulative Number of Houses Built with Housing Loans696,167
15.0 Life Insurance Fund (Cumulative)
15.1No. of Deaths Among all Borrowers159,873
15.2Amount paid out from Life Insurance Fund5.16
16.0 Loan Insurance
16.1Balance in Loan Insurance Savings108.32
16.2No. of Deaths Among Insured Borrowers (Cumulative)309,784
16.3Amount of Outstanding Principal and Interest of the Deceased Borrowers paid out from Insurance Fund (Cumulative)44.62
17.0 Higher Education Loan (Cumulative)
17.1No. of Female Students12,304
17.2No. of Male Students40,457
17.3Total :52,761
17.4Amount Disbursed (Female)12.75
17.5Amount Disbursed (Male)33.88
17.6Total :46.63
18.0 Scholarship (Cumulative)
18.1Scholarship Recipient (Female)119,549
18.2Scholarship Recipient (Male)83,303
18.3Total :202,852
18.4Scholarship Amount (Female)2.56
18.5Scholarship Amount (Male)1.82
18.6Total :4.37
19.0 Number of Members (g)
19.3Total :8,619,885
20.0 Number of Groups1,327,333
21.0 Number of Centres143,163
22.0 Number of Villages81,390
23.0 Number of Branches2,567
24.0 Number of Branches with Computerized Accounting and MIS2,567
(a)On the last day of each month, 50 per cent provision is made against the outstanding amounts of flexible loans with age of less than two years, and 100 per cent provision is made against the outstanding amounts of flexible loans with age of two years and more. The amount of a flexible loan which completes the third year is written off exactly on the date following its completion.
(b)This figure is not exactly equal to the difference between items 1 and 2 because of difference in conversion rates.
(c)Amount repaid as a percentage of amount due.
(d)If a borrower misses ten consecutive instalments, the entire outstanding loan is treated as an overdue loan.
(e)On the last day of each month, 100 per cent provision is made against all overdue loans. Entire outstanding amount of overdue loans are written off one year after they become overdue.
(f)In case of one-year loan, if the borrower fails to repay half the loan amount, with interest, within 26 weeks, entire unrepaid amount becomes overdue. In case of loans with longer duration, if the borrower fails to repay the total principal amount and interest scheduled to be repaid within each segment of 26 weeks, entire unrepaid amount falls overdue.
(g)Number of members includes both Beggar Members and Higher Education Loan recipients mentioned in item no. 12.1 & 17.3 respectively
Note : Current Exchange Rate : 1 US$ = Taka 77.66

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