Will bleaching or coloring my hair kill head lice

The process of bleaching or coloring your hair will kill any adult bugs or baby bugs on your head. I have to believe that essentially the chemicals in bleach or hair dye are mimicking a neuro- toxin, therefore affecting the neurological system of the bugs causing them to die.

Will bleaching or coloring my hair kill head lice

The big question is what about the eggs? An egg is laid by a mature bug right next to your scalp. An egg takes approximately 7-10 days to hatch on the head. The egg is developing and incubating from the heat from your head. Premature eggs, those that have been laid less than 72 hours do not have a neurological system. So while bleaching or dying your hair may kill the eggs that do have a neurological system there will be a percentage of eggs on your head that are still viable. These eggs will continue to incubate and hatch. The nymphs will then attach to your scalp until they are old enough to reproduce and the cycle will start all over again.

At this point you can bleach or dye your hair again, and again, and again. But what will this do to your hair or your scalp? Everyone will be affected differently because we are all individual however when you are continually bleaching or dying your hair you are risking some serious side effects. Your scalp can become red, irritated, chemically burnt, and/or produce open sores. Your hair can become dry, brittle, damaged and fall out in large amounts due to over processing. Your body is absorbing the chemicals from the dye or bleach and it is being processed by your liver and kidneys.

The worst part about this treatment option is you will still have eggs attached to your hair. The eggs are never going to just fall out. They are glued to your hair. They will eventually grow out from your scalp with your hair and become visible to everyone.

You have other options! Avoid exposing your body to toxic chemicals and call us today for all natural & non-toxic head lice removal options.

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